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Red Wings game recap...12/12

By: Channing Cummins

The Wings entered the Coliseum Wednesday night with a 5-1-1 record in the last 7 games. The opponent was the Islanders and the outcome was not so sweet. The Wings lost 6-0 and it's easy to claim that the Wings did not perform.

Where do we start? The lack of offense or the poor D? The defense has to be the main concern coming out of Tuesday night. The defense committed turnover after turnover. The Islander's third goal is a direct representation of what happened all night. Stuart goes to clear and it ends up as a seemingly breakaway for Schremp who put in the easy goal. "Its been that kind of night," said Ken Daniels.

It was Ken that had it head on. Things were not right and the Wings were the patient of an a** beating. There were a few problems with last night's game. A. Shots weren't put on goal. The Wings were outshot 31-16. Yes, the Wings managed 16 shots on goal the whole game. The last time that happened?...no clue, but that doesn't happen often. Our shots were doubled as well. Can't expect to win when that happens.

Roloson was the netminder for last night's game. He earned the shuttie on 16 shots. It was the lack of effort on the Wings part that put him in that position. Only having to face 16 shots all game shouldn't require much effort.

This marks the 7th time that the Wings have been shut out. I can't remember the last time that has happened. Plus it's nearly half way through the season. This could get ugly or could get better.

Lets take a second to think about this. The playoffs should be a gimme. Our team is WAY to good to be locked out, especially with some bad teams occupying the bottom. We also have a lot of experience when it comes to our bench. There are numerous amounts of times when a team has lost in the playoffs due to injury. When it comes to the Wings, we should be No. 1 when it comes to depth. Our whole team has played all year. That includes various amounts of AHL players along with the hopefuls that have been in our starting lineup. Depth should be our strength and we need to take advantage of it.

Goaltending is another strength that we possess. Yes, Howard hasn't proved much. In the playoffs he hasn't proved anything. However, in the regular season he has proved A LOT. He has proved he can be a starting goalie, along with the fact that he can support his team in desperate situations.

This loss keeps us one spot out of the playoff bracket. Should we be worried? I don't think so. We've proven that we're the best. We have an olympic coach along with olympic players. Going into the playoffs we don't have many excuses. Injuries and play time may be used but it's nothing new to our players. They've been there and done that.

Our team is built on too much tradition and skill to flop in the playoffs. Plus, when is the last time the Wings have gone into the playoffs as an underdog? I like our chances right now. Lets go in unfavored and win a cup. It could mark one of the first times we have gone into the post-season as an underdog and have come out a winner. It could happen.

We'll take on the Hurricanes on Thursday night. If I had to guess I would expect strong play and effort from the Wings. With last nights UGLY loss, the team should look for an impressive win. We have the talent, so lets go.

LETS GO RED WINGS!!!! .. .. .


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