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"Hey Helm! Your minutes are going to increase even more now!" Source: CBC.ca

By: Erica Banas

Sure, that headline is extremely unprofessional but this is a blog and I think all of us had the same reaction when we heard today's news.

The Detroit News is reporting that Jiri Hudler has accepted an agreement with the Kontinental Hockey League's Dynamo Moscow in Russia on a two-year contract.

With this announcement, I'm starting to think that Hudler and Marian Hossa had some sort of competition going on during free agency season to see who could irritate/confuse fans more.

Hossa going to the Chicago Blackhawks was irritating.

Hudler leaving the NHL for the KHL may be the greatest blind-sided action of the whole free agency period. Huds totally wins.

Apparently, Dynamo Moscow was able to pony up reportedly twice to up to three times the money the Red Wings were able to offer.

From the Detroit News:

Hudler told a Web site based in the Czech Republic that the Russian offer was too good to ignore.

"In Detroit ... I didn't want to go to another club. So I didn't ask for a trade," Hudler was quoted as saying. "Then came Dynamo with their offer. I started thinking about it and decided to go to Russia. It was tough but this is not a question of life or death. It is only hockey.

"The KHL is good league. I should be one of the key players so it could help me in my career. I don't think I will close the door to NHL. I am young and there are still 13 years until the end of my career. "

However, that quote ended with this priceless gem:

"I want my career to be more colorful."



By "color", do you mean green?

He would have been better off saying "I'M RICH, BITCH!"

Now, keep in mind that Hudler may still end up playing for the Red Wings because there is no contractual relationship between the NHL and international leagues.

If Hudler does leave the Red Wings for Moscow, the Red Wings will likely sign a free agent forward or they could rip Jimmy Howard's heart out (yet again) and sign a back up goalie to be paired with Chris Osgood.


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